Sept 2017


Su Pollard Patrons “StageAhead”


Hey all!

Principal Wayne here and I’m so thrilled to announce our new patron Su Pollard, star of “Hi De Hi”.

Su, who won the nation’s heart in her role as Peggy Ollerenshaw, the chambermaid who never made it to be a Yellow Coat.  She said

“It is important for young people to start early when learning any craft. Stagecraft is no different. Even if young people have no intention of treading the boards in their adulthood, the lessons that performance can teach you are priceless.”

I met Su while performing the lead role in a musical called “Laughter in the Rain”  I’ll never forget that night! I performed my first show, then in the after-show drinks I am mid conversation when someone out of nowhere grabs my face, squeezes my cheeks and says YOU ARE GORGEOUS! With that she turns away and leaves me stunned and only able to say…..That was Su Pollard!!!!!


When setting up StageAhead I decided we needed a patron and with Su being a local Nottingham talent there was no other person I could ask.

Su’s agent Barry Burnett said

“Being from that neck of the woods herself and interested in the progress of young children with acting leanings, she is happy to accept the offer”

Su is a wonderful example of what young people from this county can become if given a little direction and I’m as proud as punch to have her join our family.

I’m thrilled to Patron the Young performers at StageAhead Theatre School! I started treading the boards at age 6 and in Nottingham too!!  It’s important to build confidence and talent from a young age.  You never know It could be your big break!!! Now get out there and show ‘em what you’ve got!  Make me proud!  Make your parents prouder! But most of all, make yourself proud!”

Su Pollard

Originally from Hyson Green she has very much stayed close to her roots and has wonderful memories of her home county. She often talks about her first role as an angel in the school Nativity. But since shaking off her wings she has gone from strength to strength and is now helping us to promote the next generation of talent that the county has to offer.  For more on Su head to

This great news for the start of our journey as a brand new centre for performing arts.  So excited to see all the new faces on our free open day on August 26th.

See you there

Wayne Smith

Director & Principal