Stage 3 – (9 – 11 years)

Stage 3 - Stepping a StageAhead Further!  9-11 year olds are really engaged in performance.  

They have 3 hours of classes.  They will have 1 hour of Dance, 1 hour of Drama and 1 hour of Voice. Each with a different trained Coach who at this stage will start to really polish the talents of these young people.  This is the age group that has a real chance of being something special.  

Principal Wayne Says "this was the age I really knew I wanted to be a performer.  I may not have known whether that be singing, dancing, acting or all 3, but I knew the stage was where I was heading.  The Stage 3 performers will be the ones I will be looking for that glimmer from.  Those first sparks of super stardom.  If I see it we will push and push!"


They will practise and perfect as many dance styles as we can cram in from Jazz and modern to Ballet and street dance.  Basic techniques will have been worked on and perfected so these techniques can be placed into real choreography both from class and extra workshops  We will start to get them to sing out and really perform numbers with performance gusto and help them use drama class to work on monologues and script and audition techniques.  

As with all Stages they get to engage with others and make new friends and keep fit and healthy too.

Stage 3 and Stage 4 will be the principal performers of our summer shows, leading the way for the stages below. There will be added opportunities for workshops with Waynes Industry friends from the west end and beyond and also we have plans for summer schools and extra classes to get some more strings to their bow.


Classes are held at Magnus academy from 11am to 2pm for 36 saturdays of the academic year.  That's an average of 12 weeks of classes per term.  Joining is encouraged in September so the children get the full syllabus and are not thrown in at the deep end. 

Class Fees are £200 per term (Approx £16.67 per week for 12 weeks) That's only £5.56 per hour that your child is learning new skills and having fun at the weekend.  Fees are payable at the start of each term payable by cash or BACS.  Standing orders can be arranged if you chat to Wayne.  

50% sibling discount available.

£10 starter fee also required for compulsory StageAhead T-shirt